Change what you believe in ; change what you wish for ; don't say there is no option ; it is just that you don't choose while options are available.

I was attending Robert Kiyoski 3 days seminar on last month and quite excited as i did manage to talk face to face with him. I even break in tears at the time he was coming on the stage at Day one. As i was following every books of his and his advisors since after my high school due to one of my best friend introduction.

The first day was not tiresome but filled with so many things to learn even though Robert says those are introductory mindset preparation lecture. Though i am quite familiar with all of his work, advice, guideline, i still found myself , damn.. i don't know yet. A lot of area was touched even in first day; Real Estate, Stock, Gold/Silver, Foreign Exchange, and strangely Robert teamed up with her sister, Buddhist Nun and his heart surgeon who both of them mainly discuss on Health Vs Wealth.

Seminar room is very convincing, with very good sound system at Expo Hall providing translation service on the fly for 4 languages Chinese, Indonesia, Malaysia, Japanese. At the back end of seminar room there are several booths where you can buy Roberts and His Business team Products, Books, Cash Flow game, etc.

People coming from different regions and countries UK, Hong Kong, Chian, Indonesia, US. We have got only a short break time 5 to 10 minutes once every 3 hour. And everytime Robert taught new idea and thinking, we have to discuss among peers and digest, debate, learn from each other. Becasue of that i have met with alot of new people on that 3 days.

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