hm.. i believe every Asian feel insulted by this title, me too,.. i m one of the Asians. This can be insult but, on second thought, are we really the inferior being to West. There can be 3 answers to the questions. YES, NO or MAY BE.

Let's take a look at the answer YES first. I think one perspective will be hard enough to support this answer. "Colonization". Like Singapore, with a few million of population (3 million) it is a source of great wonder that a small state like Portugal, also with a few million, could carve out territories like Goa, Macao and Malacca from larger and more ancient civilisations. It was an amazing feat. But the amaze is just the beginning and continue with the follow of colonisers like Spanish, the Dutch, the French then the British.

Almost 3 centuries or more, Asian societies lay under and allowed themselves to be colonised by far smaller societies. This is just physical. What more impact or still impact is the mental colonization. Many Asians believe (most of my ancestors) that they are inferior being to West and still that metal institution is rooted very strong and we are struggling to break it free.

Nevertheless, hope is arise, 500 years after the arrival of first Portuguese colonisers in Asian, only one.. Asian society has reached the level of development that have in Europe and North America . The Japanese mind is the first to be awakened in Asia.

Why? why? only one can reach within 500 years. It is not 50 years, 500 years. Why only one can catch up? I wonder...

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On July 30, 2010 at 6:24 AM , Anonymous said...

Asian,esp Chinese were far advanced than west in old times, like Tang Dynasty etc, then got cocky, and alot other historical issues cause Asia's slow development, ignorance and backward,I think asian overall are too relax n like to enjoy food and life. not really using time to develop and being Innovative, unlike westerners r very Aggressive.
Part of the reason is the cultures infulence too. Alot american r dumb as hell as well, but their foundation n top notch ppl r leading the country.
Asia needs smart ppl to lead,to innovate, to challenge, and to be bold and not always worship western countries.

On June 11, 2011 at 8:38 PM , Anonymous said...

I am Asian and I use to have this problem too. The racial hierarchy puts Asians near the bottom of all the races, white people are of course at the top.
The truth is the truth, it is hard to admit because we do not like to think ourselves as inferior, but deep down inside, every Asian knows that we are inferior compared to the white people.
My advice is to accept who we are and try your best to respect and obey westerners when ever possible.