Next "Gender Issue". Singapore surveys show that its work force and GDP was doubled in recent years according to the fact that women can work as very well as men do. May be that is one of the driving factors of low percentage of marriage in Singapore, as from the view of population, let it be.
Back to the point, when it comes to the status of burmese women, the answer is unsatisfactory, while putting aside male counterpart. Excluding status of burmese ladies on abroad, even in mother land, they all are, mostly are in the state of immature. Truth be told, I prefer saying the fact that women are very much dwelling in the closed system more than men are.
For example, I came across with the saying of one burmese women who is studying (whenever in abroad or in region) "I won't let myself in going for group discussion or even though i join, i am afraid to let me say or contribute to a discussion as other people will gain more or less of my ideas or knowledge resulting in higher grade than mine". This is just a very fundamental mind set in our female society; only few and far between accept the open system.
However, in other ethnic groups, those kinds of thought in female are gradually lost, some entirely. In this era of globalization, sharing is everything and human beings strive from the bottom to the top by nothing but sharing, of course, through open-minded mind set. I am not discriminating our gender but what bear in my mind is that i want to see our female group taking step together with other women across globe.

Another issue is that, our ladies are so much dependent, i m not going to say about marriage concern here, but to say about leading role and confident. Who is the one establishing the idea of women must be the second whenever in which situation comparing with their husband? I want to kill that idea badly very badly.
The fact that women are not getting equal opportunities is not true but the fact that they are not seeking available opportunities is making me sad very badly.

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