A typical burmese one stucks in a shadow of so called culture or perception of burmesenism as a result of native environment, system, surrounding especially of predecessors while taking into consideration of Buddhism, at the same time by not blaming it. There are some issues which arise from the realm of one's burmese perception whether staying in abroad or not. Not before saying too deeply in details, let's start from the basic common ground issue "Family".

When every burmese comes to it, we are bound with very traditional ways. Obeying elders, heritage family rules such as following the career advice of one's parents, for example, although one's passion is in singing or painting, one is sure to be forced to do due to his or her parent career advice such as doctor or may be something they admire to or something they want their child to be. In addition, one's has to sacrifice the career of what he want to do as for the support of his elder one's path, in other words, after the elder one finish or make or reach some distance in his chosen career, the previous sacrificed one can benefit from it or can depend on it, I , even, don't know who started that, but my burmese unconscious says it's true.

As far as i know, those kind of traditional ways of thinking style really slower the pace of mature as well as future trend of the next generation. In some cases, those sacrifices don't even have chances to explore their passion or knowledge in interested area throughout the entire life as sacrifice and creativity never comes together, ever. Besides, even in a small matter like drinking alcohol or smoking, off springs are strictly prohibited from them although their father do them in more or less. Those are just typical case studies of burmese family. Situations can vary based on different family cultural styles, though, core concept is undeniable.

Does those affect the future of burmese young generation although it was enough destroyed by the system itself, however, what about people? If changes have to be made indeed, shall we wait or try to make the system change first or make the changes on people first? Like saying "Creativity never blooms in a Room", in this first pacing era, we can't be still in closed system as well as, of course, close perception, thoughts, ideas. I hope that future family culture of burma will shift in favor of our next generation blossom, as one's person root perception coming from it's root, "Family".

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On April 23, 2007 at 8:25 AM , Ko Zaw said...

I like u post.But,try to practise.