It has been very long long time, that I haven't updated my Universe. Well, here I am.

During the past few years, I clung more into spiritual reading , learning and development of inner peace. Wonder why? Before I give you the answer, here is the fact, like it or not, in this era of technology, people emphasize more on externalization , for example, frequent upgrade of mobile phones, ipad, touchpad, various app and software version we use day to day, and not to mention, follow up of latest technology like Cloud Computing, Social Media Services Facebook, Twitter, User Generated Crowd Sourcing services Reddit, Digg, Youtube, the list is never ending.

However, We tend to put little effort on internalization, defined by as,"To take in and make an integral part of one's attitudes or beliefs". So, what have you done to improve your integral part of attitudes , beliefs , last but not least, awareness.

I am not going to discuss about religion here, and regardless, of any religion you are in, I bet you this book will suit you and play along with you as soon as you grab it especially if you are a busy IT bee , just like me. Yes right this is it, Wisdom 2.0, one of my life changing books. This book is truly a master piece of how to bridge your internal to external with relaxed and calm state of mind. Who else don't want to be working on thousands of projects with relaxed and calm state of mind? The answer is will you choose to fail a project with calm and relaxed state of mind or stressed and depressed state of mind. The choice is all yours.

I will be sharing all the examples mentioned in this book One by One with my inference not only targeting for sharing, but also targeting to myself as a true reminder and daily dose of my mental state.

Enjoy and Be Cool!

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